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        旋挖钻机液压系统、电器维护概要/Overview of Maintenance

        旋挖钻机液压系统、电器维护概要/Overview of Maintenance

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        液压系统/Hydraulic system


        During and after operation, the hydraulic system is in high temperature. During operation, it is still in high pressure state, so when checking and maintaining the hydraulic system, pay special attention to wait for the temperature to drop and release the pressure in the hydraulic cylinder pipeline.


        When loosening the screw plug, screw or hose connector, do not stand in front of the part. Before disassembling, gradually loosen to release the internal pressure.


         When inspecting or maintaining the hydraulic oil lines, be sure to discharge air to release internal pressure.


        The inspection or maintenance of the hydraulic system includes: check the hydraulic oil level, replace the filter element and add the hydraulic oil.


        When removing the high-pressure hose, check the O-ring for damage. If it is damaged, then replace.


        When disassembling parts with o-rings or gasket seals, clean the mounting surface and replace with new ones.



        When installing the hose, do not twist the hose or bend it into a small diameter ring.This can damage the hose and significantly shorten the life of the hose.


        电气系统/Electrical system


        It is very dangerous for electrical equipment to get damp or the insulation of wires to be damaged. This will cause power and machine failure. Do not flush the inside of the cab with water. But when washing the machine, be careful not to let water enter the electrical components.


        Maintenance related to electrical system: check and maintain battery level; replace various bulbs; replace fuses and relays.


        When working at the beach, carefully clean the electrical system to prevent corrosion.


        When installing the air cooler or other electrical equipment of driver cab, it should be connected to a special power connector. The selected power source cannot be connected to the fuse, starter switch or battery relay.